Cheap Train Tickets

Traveling by train might take a little longer than airline travel, but it is the preferred method for many. In some cases this is because of safety concerns, but others prefer train travel because they find it romantic. If you think a train trip might be a great idea for a vacation, here are some ideas for finding cheap train tickets.


Long before people were traveling by airplane, they made long distance trips on trains. Today, fewer people travel long distance by train, but it still an affordable, safe method of travel. Those who have a fear of flying prefer train travel because they feel safer. Others choose train travel because it allows them to relax and enjoy the journey. Though they might be excited about their final destination, they also enjoy the process of getting there. Many people view train travel as old fashioned and romantic, making it the ideal mode of transportation for vacation.

Finding Cheap Train Tickets

  • There are plenty of tricks for finding cheap train tickets. Planning for train travel is not that much different than traveling by plane. Typically, traveling during off-peak times is cheaper. Buying your ticket in advance will save you money. Choosing a trains that are not as busy as other can save you money, as can choosing the most popular train destinations. Train companies are trying to fill up trains, so they are willing to sell tickets for a lower price if the train is not full. However, traveling to popular destinations can also save you money on train travel.
One option train travelers have is buying a multi-use ticket. Train travelers can purchase a ticket that is good for several rides during a specific time, which means you can get onto and off of the train multiple times. This is an option not available to those traveling by airplane. This option allows you to get off the train, explore an area, and return to the train for additional travel.
There are several websites that offer great deals on train travel. If you are shopping for cheap train tickets, check out,,, and Rail Europe also offers great deals on train travel in Europe. Many people choose train travel in Europe because it allows travelers to see several countries for a low price during their visit.
If you are planning a vacation and you have concerns about the safety or inconvenience of flying, or you are looking for a travel method that is out of the ordinary, train travel is a great option. If you find train travel is comparable to airline ticket prices, continue to search for better rates. There are plenty of great places to find cheap train tickets. Do not be discouraged by the time consuming nature of train travel. The experience can be very relaxing and educational. And remember, sometimes the travel journey is just as rewarding as the destination.