Cheap UGGs

UGG Boots, designed and manufactured by UGG®Australia, are some of the warmest, most comfortable boots available. They are well-made and available in a variety of colors. The boots are often worn by celebrities, but the price for a pair is reasonable enough that an average consumer can afford to invest in the footwear. However, if you are interested in owning several pairs of the boots or you are shopping for several people, authentic UGG Boots will set you back quite a bit. Finding cheap UGGs and replica UGG boots is a challenge, but it is possible.

Those looking for cheap UGGs have two options. They can look for discounts on authentic UGG boots or they can purchase replica UGGs. Authentic UGGs are sold online at or in a variety of higher-end shoe and department stores.

Buying Authentic UGGs

If you choose to invest in authentic UGGs, be sure you are receiving the product for which you have paid.  According to the official UGG website, “A counterfeit product is any imitation or fake made with the intent to deceive the consumer into believing it to be genuine. Counterfeit UGG boots online are often advertised as ‘cheap uggs’, ‘discount uggs’, ‘uggs on sale’ and on websites calling themselves ‘ugg outlets’ or ‘ugg shops’. Often they may have ‘ugg’ in their domain name or advertise themselves as an ‘official ugg store’.”

Authentic UGG boots are made by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in China. They feature a unique UGG tag and the UGG® Australia reflective security tag with two distinct features embedded: At 90 degrees, the sun logos change from black to white, and at an acute angle, the UGG® logo becomes visible on the strip, with some amount of color reflecting. Reputable dealers are likely selling a genuine product and are required to sign an agreement to not sell their product on auction websites.

Spotting Fake UGG Boots

Authentic UGGs are noticeably higher quality than replicas, but it is possible to get a nice pair of UGG-like boots for a reasonable cost. If you are shopping for boots in person, examine the quality of the sheepskin lining and the durability of the soles. Authentic UGG boots feature fluffy, high-quality sheepskin that does not have a chemical or paint-like smell. Many reputable UGG dealers offer sales and discount coupons making it possible to buy a pair of authentic UGGs for lower-than-retail price. Department stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s sell UGGs, and sometimes offer apparel and shoe discounts. Be sure to check your coupon or sales flyer for restrictions concerning designer brands.

Buying UGGs Online

Buying authentic UGGs online is a little trickier. You can check the official UGG website to see if the online retailer you are considering is a licensed distributor. The site also gives tips on determining whether a pair of boots is authentic or not. The price of the boots is also an indication of whether they are authentic or not. If the price seems too good to be true you are probably getting fake UGG boots. There are many reputable online retailers of authentic UGG boots including and Also remember many department and shoe retailers have websites that allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, if you decide that buying replica UGGs is a better investment for you, it is still possible to get a quality boot. Look for replicas that are well-made and sold by a reputable dealer. Discount department stores such as Target and Kohl’s sell styles similar to UGGs, but with a lower price tag. Consider shopping after boot season for an even better deal on UGG style boots.






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