Cheap Used Car for Sale


A car is an important and convenient mode of transportation with advantages and disadvantages. The advantage includes freedom of mobility and the disadvantages include inadequate parking, traffic congestion and the various costs associated with having a car.
It is not surprising that some persons sell their cars and opt for another mode of transportation or walking that is healthier.
In developed countries, having a car is a way of life.
In developing countries having a car, even a cheap used car, can be considered a luxury.
Cars may be used for transporting passengers, goods, racing, in making movies or for driving fun.
A car may be bought from a car dealer, a private seller, or a thief.
A used car may be repossessed for non-payment, sold at auction or reconditioned to look new.
It may be custom-built to suit a certain taste or lifestyle or to accommodate someone with a disability.
It is said that a lady-driven car experiences less stress than one driven by a man.


There are some associated risks with cheap used cars for sale.
No one knows whether the car was accident-free, was properly maintained, or is showing the correct mileage.
There may be hidden problems.
A cheap used car for sale should be checked prior to deciding to buy.
Ask your own mechanic or other professional to accompany you to inspect the car.

Among the important information to receive are these:

  • The Vehicle Identification number ( VIN) which will give information on the history of the car.
  • Previous accidents
  • Odometer that has been rolled back
  • Emission tests that were failed
  • Flooding
  • Number of owners

Here is more information to get for a cheap used car sale

  • What to take along for a used car inspection
  • Common problems with the car
  • Check the body of the car for dents and rust
  • Check tires for wear
  • Manufacturer’s label
  • The interior, is it clean? dashboard lights, seat belts
  • Electrical features,
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Manual transmission
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Heater and air conditioner
  • Signs of flood damage
  • The car should be test driven on hills, highways and in stop and go traffic.
  • The Title for the car can be accurately checked by the Department of Justice.


Shopping around for a cheap used car will take a little time.
First of all one has to think about the purpose of the car. For example, a housewife who needs a car for grocery-shopping and to pick up children after school would not require a car with a big engine as the racing car driver requires.
One can search the classified ads. in the newspapers for a couple weeks, call around and compare prices.
The Internet has many websites selling cheap used cars ranging in price from $3,900 to $5,000.
This is a fraction of the price of a new car which is sold from $14,000 upwards.
If one desires a special Model car the search is narrowed.
If the buyer does not have all the financing, a credit agreement can be entered into. This agreement will cover only cars of a certain age.
Auto financing can be conducted via the Internet.


If the vehicle is being sold AS-IS it would not carry a warranty.
All warranties MUST BE IN WRITING.
Warranty service is free of charge.
A full or limited warranty on cheap used car sale may not cover the entire vehicle but only parts or systems.

More detailed information can be seen on the following websites: