Cheap Valentines Ideas

Valentine’s day is about sharing love and romance with that special someone. It is celebrated every year on February 14th and gives couples an excuse to shower one another with gifts and affection. There might be a romantic dinner out or  someone might receive a bouquet of chocolates or flowers. Many times the gifts are red or pink, signifying love and romance. Valentine’s Day is also a chance to share gifts with loved ones like friends and relatives. Though it is intended to be a romantic holiday, it is also a chance for parents to share gifts with kids and classmates to exchange Valentine’s greetings at school.

There are plenty of creative ideas for people who would rather avoid cliche gifts for Valentine’s Day. These gifts are often less expensive, but require a great deal of thought. Cheap Valentine’s ideas are a way to save money and still show someone you care.

Cheap Valentine’s Ideas

Take time to do a little research before the big day. If you wait until the last minute your gift will appear thoughtless and you will likely end up spending more than you want. Consider what your loved one likes and use those ideas to create a unique gift. S

Shopping online is a great way to find a variety of unique items. Websites such as Personalization offer fast shipping on items like personalized key rings, coffee mugs, jewelry, art work,and plaques.

Other Cheap Valentine’s Ideas

If you are going to go the traditional route, really go crazy with the gifts. Instead of a few balloons for your special someone, buy several dozen balloons and leave them in the bedroom. Instead of a bouquet of a dozen roses, buy a hundred flowers and place them all over the house. Opt for flowers other than roses to save money. For a personal romantic twist, record your own love song or write a love letter to your significant other. When sentiments are personal, it is far more touching than a traditional greeting card.

One of the best Valentine’s gifts that can be accomplished without spending a dime is planning time together. Send the kids to a babysitter and have a romantic evening at home. If Valentine’s falls on a Saturday or Sunday, spend the entire day together in bed. Stock up on no-cook foods, books, and movies. Cuddle all day and enjoy one another’s company.

You might also want to spend Valentine’s Day with friends and family. This is especially fun if you are single. Get all of your single friends together to celebrate the day in your own unique way.

If you are shopping for a last minute gift, there are several websites that offer great deals on Valentine’s items. Sites such as, Valentine’s,, Soundmoneymatterscom, and all offer cheap Valentine’s ideas that will keep you out of the doghouse with your honey.