Cheap Vegas Wedding

Hosting a wedding is expensive, which is why do many people choose to elope or marry away from home. One of the most popular locations for a destination wedding is Las Vegas. Vegas offers a variety of options for couples, including elaborate, expensive weddings, and small, budget-friendly weddings.

Choosing your location is only part of your wedding expense. You will also need clothing and accessories, not to mention everything needed for an after ceremony celebration. Most couples host a traditional reception, but couples marrying in Vegas can hit the town for a night of partying or host a wedding dinner at one of Vegas’s fantastic restaurants.

Tips for a Cheap Vegas Wedding

There are many benefits to hosting a wedding in Las Vegas. Vegas weddings are usually smaller (though there are venues that can hold thousands of people), less expensive, and a lot more fun that traditional weddings. Vegas weddings are multi-day events, so the fun does not end after a few hours. Vegas also has a much shorter waiting limit once you have secured a Clark County wedding license, which only costs $60. There is also no requirement for a pre-wedding blood test.

Wedding Packages in Las Vegas

There are many wedding planners who offer cheap Las Vegas weddings.

  • Packages start at $75 and may go up to $400, depending on what the bride requires.
  • If the bride is most interested in photography, a full wedding service plan will be developed by Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Strip is noted for outdoor photography using scenic views, lights and waterfalls. A full service wedding plan is offered here, starting at $299.
  • The Valley of Fire also offers scenic outdoor photography.
  • Shalimar Wedding Chapel offers packages from $129.
  • Las Vegas offer over 180 packages. These may include wedding conducted in a helicopter or a theme wedding. They cater to all, from the lavish to no-frills to the ones who just want the civil or religious ceremonies.
  • The cost here range from $75 to $200. The lowest priced wedding has traditional recorded wedding music.
  • Wedding gowns may also be rented at a reasonable cost. Digital format wedding pictures will be placed on a CD with free wedding broadcast on the Internet.
  • The hotels on the Strip all offer wedding packages, but they are generally more expensive than the smaller chapels. If you avoid special dates, considered lucky by some couples, you are likely to get a better deal.
  • There are also a number of professionals located in Vegas who specialize in wedding services such as photography and makeup. In many cases, these services are surprisingly affordable.

In addition, some of these packages also offer:

  • limousine transportation
  • use of  the bridal suite
  • choice of the venue of the wedding
  • bridal bouquet
  • groom boutonnière
  • 12 professional ceremony photographs
  • marriage certificate holder is also given a souvenir item

Additional Information on Las Vegas Wedding

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