Cheap Villa Holidays

Cheap villa holidays are a great alternative for travelers who want to save money. The typical holiday budget includes hotel accommodations, dining costs, entertainment tickets, tours, travel expenses, and a variety of miscellaneous spending. Hotels can often be overbooked and uncomfortable, but cheap villa holidays offer an affordable, comfortable option.

There are many different rental villas available at cheap prices, many of which are secluded and quiet. The most popular cheap villa locations are located in European destinations such as Spain and the Balearic Islands, as well as Southern Italy and Apulia. These villas are cheap but  do not sacrifice quality.

Villa Mirante, Vale De Parra

The Villa Mirante is located in Salgados in Algarve. This comfortable and detached villa offers a magnificent view of the distant sea and surrounding countryside. There is also a popular resort and white sand beaches just a short distance from the hotel.  The beaches are amongst the best in Europe and are open to visitors and locals. The Villa Mirante is a great place to visit and enjoy the culture.

Galvany, Pollensa, Mallorca

The Gallvany is a private villa tucked away in Pollensa, Mallorca. Only one hour from the nearest airport, this villa offers exceptional services and high quality accommodations all for a cheap cost. The property is styled traditionally and features lush, mature gardens. There is also an outside dining area for breakfast and brunch where guests can enjoy the calm, cool climate. The Galvany is ideal for couples look for romantic cheap villa holidays.

Es Socorrat, San Miguel, Ibiza

Ibizi is a party hot spot. People flock to Ibiza every year for the night life, but the area also appeals to people looking for a private villa where they can enjoy a quiet holiday with their family. The Es Socorrat is a self-contained cheap villa in San Miguel offering up to seven nights of luxury accommodation with breathtaking views of the surrounding city. This villa includes two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom all on the ground floor. The first floor features two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is also a private pool on the grounds, as well as a barbecue pit and a covered terrace.

Villa Oceana, Cala En Porter, Menorca

The Villa Oceana is located in Cala ‘n Porter, a quiet residential area in Menorca, Spain. It is a modern villa with a private location tucked away from prying eyes. It the perfect location for families and couples to enjoy a peaceful holiday. This stunning villa is also located near many great restaurants, shopping malls and supermarkets. Only a few miles away is a nearby resort and beach that caters to vacationers and locals. This is one of the most charming destinations for cheap villa holidays.

These are just some of the most popular cheap villa holidays in various exciting and incredible locations across the globe. Travelers no longer the need to stay in cramped hotel rooms hundreds of strangers swarming about. These cheap villa holiday locations are perfect for families or couples looking for a private getaway. Here are a few of the most popular websites offering information on cheap villa holiday accommodations: