Cheap Vitamins

High-quality, cheap vitamins and supplements are available for purchase online and in stores. The trick to saving big is knowing where to buy the vitamins you use most. Take time to comparison shop for all of your vitamins and be willing to combine online ordering with in-store shopping. Depending sales, shipping costs, and the specific vitamins, prices are likely to vary from time to time.

Your goal when shopping for cheap vitamins is to find the lowest price from the most reputable location. You can find dirt cheap vitamins, but if you are buying a sub-par product, you are just wasting your money. Likewise, you might find a very high-quality product, but if the price of the vitamin is not in your budget, it does you no good.

Cheap Vitamins – Finding the Best Buys

Wonder Labs vitamins

Wonder Labs Vitamins has been a part of the vitamin industry for over three decades. They have an established record for providing high-quality vitamins and supplements at competitive prices. They are very credible and offer a $5.95 flat rate for shipping with free shipping on orders over $100. They supply everything from Acetaminophen to vitamin B capsules.

Wonder Labs only sells its own brand of products, so do not expect to find familiar brands on the site.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamins

Puritan Pride is both the manufacturer and the distributor of its vitamins and supplements. They have been in business for half a century. The variety of vitamins and supplements is far greater than the Wonder Labs’ selection, and the ¬†website features tips on aromatherapy, pet products, spices and even sports nutrition items. It is a bit pricier than Wonder Labs, but the overall prices remain competitive. also offers a buy one get one free plan. Like Wonder Labs, Puritan only sells its own brand.

Swanson’s Vitamins

Swanson’s vitamins are extremely competitively priced. They offer a variety of brands, as well as their own Swanson brand vitamins. They offer very affordable deals with low shipping costs. This includes free shipping on orders over $65. The site has special clearance and sales prices, as well as a health library that is really informative and educational. is a one-stop shop for all vitamins, supplements, oral health care, hair care, beauty, diet and exercise equipment, and even organic supplements. The site offers a wide selection of vitamins and supplements from which to choose.

Tips and Warnings

  • Always shop around and compare prices at several different sites.
  • Use multiple sites to create a custom order with the best prices. Beware of shipping costs when doing so, though.
  • Check the local pharmacy’s’ discount rack.
  • Always check warranties and return policies.
  • Always consult your doctor concerning vitamins and supplement. Most of these products are safe, but your doctor still needs to know what you are taking, and how it affects your health and your prescribed medications.
  • Follow dosage instructions when taking vitamins and minerals. Even though they are natural products, you can still cause a serious reaction by overdosing.