Cheap Wedding Invitations

A wedding is the one of the most important events in a couple’s life and the work leading up to it is the most grueling. Making decisions, placing ordering, and writing endless numbers of checks can be a painful process, but when the big day goes off without a hitch, it is worth all the effort.

Once the wedding date is set it is customary to send invitations to each person or couple invited. This should occur no later than six weeks in advance of the date of the wedding. Wedding invitations can be expensive and can cost anywhere from $500 and $1000. Most engaged couples shop for bargains and discounts in order to save them from spending a lot of cash on the event, but invitations are sometimes tough to find at a discount price. Most people think the more elaborate the invitation, the more it will cost. In some places this may be true, but there are ways to find and and purchase high-quality invitations without having to spend too much money.

Most wedding budgets only allot between 2-5% on invitations and other similar materials including seating card, programs and thank you cards. You can find deals on all of these paper products from online retailers that offer discounts ranging from 25-50% off on invitations. You will be able to view, edit, and preview you wedding invitations before a final purchase is made. There are several ways in which a couple can procure cheap wedding invitations.

Booking the Honeymoon

Booking the honeymoon before all the hotels and resorts are filled is especially important. Many couples leave this stage until last and end up having to reschedule their vacation at a later date. But how does booking the honeymoon tie into cheap wedding invitations? Some resorts offer couples the option of free wedding invitations if they book their honeymoon with them. This is a common benefit for those planning a destination wedding where they will wed and honeymoon in the same location. This is a great offer which should not be passed on. Shop around for resorts and keep an ear out for ones that offer free invitations to couples getting married.

Special Promotions

Various stores that specialize in dresses and accessories offer special promotions at different times of years. Even some jewelers and floral or decorative stores offer free wedding invitations as a special promotion. The selection might be limited, but if you would rather spend your budget on other aspects of the wedding, this can save you a bundle.


In this day and age everyone uses the Internet to communicate.  If you are planning a casual wedding, online invitations are an inexpensive option.


For the craft savvy, designing and making wedding invitations can be fun and frugal. Buying the materials and handling the labor on your own is almost always cheaper than buying invitations pre-made. Almost anyone can make wedding invitations. There are tutorials and online how to articles on how to make stylish and professional wedding invitations. If you lack the talent to make your own cheap wedding invitations, check sites like Etsy for inexpensive handmade invitations.

Wedding Invitations Online

There are many different websites offering invitations at discounted prices. These cheap wedding invitations are not as elaborate as regularly priced ones, but are still high-quality items. Websites such as,, and offer simple and attractively designed wedding invitations at discounted and bundled prices.