Cheap Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways can be very pricey when you factor in the cost of entertainment, food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. Getting away for a few days can be affordable, but you have to plan carefully. The thing about weekend getaways is they are great for unwinding, refreshing, and spending time with your family. If you end stressed because of the cost, you are defeating the purpose of the mini-vacation. Take time to plan carefully and you can enjoy fun, cheap weekend getaways.

Finding Cheap Weekend Getaways Online

The Internet is filled with millions of resources, including plenty of travel bargains. There are many different websites that cater to cheap weekend getaways. These sites are dedicated to helping customers find a great destination at a low cost. There is also a lot of competition between websites, driving the cost even lower.

Many sites offer the ability to compare the rates of accommodations and modes of travel. You can also view the prices of several different locations on these sites. This makes comparison shopping a breeze, so you are able to plan cheap weekend getaways quickly. Try websites such as, and for the lowest rates.

Special Promotions and Discounts

Several times a year, major websites offer various promotions and discounts for vacationers. Finding cheap weekend getaways is possible if you track the rates and make your purchase at the best time.

The Benefits of Off-Season Travel

Travelling during the off-season is also a great way to enjoy affordable travel. There are several months a year when the hotel and resort industry slows down, including the start of the school semester and after holidays. These are the best times to schedule weekend holidays. In some cases, travelers can find hotel and flight discounts for more than 50% the in-season rate.

In addition to enjoying deeply discounted rates, off-season travel also allows you to relax during your trip. There are fewer crowds and much of the crowd traveling is older people who are retired. If you are looking for a low-key getaway, the off-season is a perfect time to hit the road.

Pack Light

Cheap weekend getaways can become even cheaper if you pack smart. This is especially true if you are flying. Airlines charge high baggage fees and cheap weekend getaways can quickly turn into several hundred dollar vacations. If you are able to put a few items in a carry-on bag, it will save you plenty.

Vacation Anywhere

Popular tourists destinations are usually more expensive than off-the-beaten path destinations. Camping and hiking vacations can cost just $10 per night. Even if you are not the adventurous outdoor type, you can still avoid the most expensive destinations. Since you are only planning a weekend away, there is nothing wrong with checking out a small local town. Drive a few hours, find a charming bed & breakfast, and enjoy a break from your usual routine.

Cheap weekend getaways can be affordable and fun. If you feel as if you need a break and you want to spend a few days away, head out of town without spending a fortune.