Color Copies Cheap

Color copiers are an important piece of office equipment. Smaller versions are available for personal use, and while the home office versions are less expensive than the large mega-machines, they are still more expensive than black and white copiers. If you have a need for color copies, but your budget does not allow for the purchase of an expensive color copy machine, there are still plenty of ways for you to get color copies cheap.

It is possible to order color copies online. Online copying services usually charge much less than traditional copy stores. Part of the reason online stores are able to offer color copies cheap is because of their service area. Obviously a local store has access to fewer customers than an online service. When a company is able to attract customers from all over the world, they are able to charge less and still make a sizable profit because of their workload.

How Online Color Copy Programs Work

You first need to create an account to order color copies online. Once you have chosen your service provider, set up an account. Once you need copies, send your files to the company’s online printer.  After your file is received, your color copies are printed and delivered to you. This allows you to get high quality copies without ever leaving the comfort of your home.  Not only are you saving on the individual copies, you are also not spending time or paying for travel costs to and from a copy store.

Remember, paying less for color copies should not mean a reduction in quality. The quality of the copies from online services is usually the same as the ones printed by traditional copy stores. Cheaper black and white copies can also be printed online. It should also not matter whether you are printing for business or personal use. However, there might be bulk discounts available, so businesses are likely to get a lower price simply based on volume.

Where to Get Cheap Color Copies

Websites like allow you to get a price quote before you actually sign up for their services. They also offer express delivery and 24 hour printing services. Color copies can be printed for as low as four cents without any reduction in paper quality. Websites like allow you to choose how bright you want your copies and inform you of the different types of copy papers. provides combing and binding services in addition to online printing. If you have any concerns about purchasing your color copies cheap online, do some research and read the feedback available. Most websites offer customer comments and it is also possible to do a general search on a company before giving them your business. If a copy service has consistently good reviews, you will likely be happy with their products and services.