Engagement Rings for Cheap

Tradition states that when a man proposes to a woman he should present her with a ring. Until the wedding, the engagement ring represents their commitment to marry. Jewelers often tell would-be grooms the cost of an engagement ring should be approximately three months salary. Though a man will not want to purchase the cheapest ring he can find and sacrifice quality to get a lower price, it is possible to find a beautiful ring for much less than 12 weeks worth of work. When searching for engagement rings for cheap, there are several options you should consider.

Design Your Own Ring

Many jewelers offer the option of designing a custom ring. Though there might be design costs involved, couples can choose rings featuring stones other than the traditional diamond. Even with the cost of customization the ring is cheaper.

Simple Engagement Rings

Over the years engagement and wedding rings have grown very elaborate. Many rings features multiple stones and intricate metal work.  Instead of purchasing an elaborate ring, opt for something simple such as a diamond solitaire. Your betrothed is still getting a beautiful diamond, but you are not paying for an extravagant design.

Buy from the Heart

Not all women want an expensive ring. Many prefer a ring with a stone other than a diamond or a piece of fashion jewelry that is much less expensive than a traditional diamond engagement ring. To get a feel for what your girlfriend wants in an engagement ring, question her friends and family. Some women will tell you what they want, so make sure you are paying attention. Even if you are not ready to pop the question, listen to what she says about rings and jewelry and store the information away for when the time comes.

Honor Family Traditions

If your girlfriend’s family or your family has an heirloom piece of jewelry, it can be used as an engagement ring. You are paying nothing for the piece, no matter its financial worth, but it has a great deal of sentiment. A ring with a story behind it is a great alternative to engagement rings for cheap.

Online Deals

Buying online is a great way to find engagement rings for cheap. You can shop for rings on Ebay and other auction sites, or buy from discount jewelry stores online. Shop carefully because there are many gimmicks. If bidding on a ring, review the seller’s feedback before buying. Even if the ring you choose is reasonably priced, it is still a big investment and you need to know what you are getting.


Before shopping set a maximum purchase price in your head. Once you enter a jewelry store it can be tough to say no to the sales people, especially if there is a sale in progress. Knowing what you can afford makes the buying process much easier.

An engagement ring for cheap does not have to mean a ring is low quality. If you take your time, do your research, and shop smart, you can find a beautiful piece of jewelry that expresses your feelings perfectly.