Fun Cheap Things to Do

There are plenty of fun, cheap things to do. Instead of paying for fun, dining out, or spending a lot of money on electronics, you and your family can have fun without spending hardly any money. 


Fishing is a great way to have fun outdoors without spending any money. It might require a small investment if you do not have any equipment, but you can find fishing equipment cheap at yard sales and thrift shops. There are also camps that allow you to rent fishing equipment and use their facilities. These camps offer well-stocked lakes, so inexperienced anglers avoid the frustration of fishing without any bites.


Hiking is free and a great fitness activity. You can hike anywhere, but most people choose natural trails and parks. The point of hiking is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so in addition to being fun, it is also very relaxing.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun. You can plan a scavenger hunt for a party or special occasion, or just gather family and friends for the event. You can even plan simple scavenger hunts for just one or two children. Scavenger hunts take a bit of planning, but they are a great deal of fun.

Visit and Tour Local Attractions

Take the entire family out to tour different local places such as botanical gardens, museums, scenic lakes, or amusement parks. There are also fun events that take place in different communities all throughout the year. These are fun cheap things to do without having to spend too much money. Sometimes tickets to these locations are expensive, but there are often discounts offered that reduce the prices a great deal.

Card Games

Playing cards is a traditional way to enjoy an evening at home. There are hundreds of games you can learn by searching online or asking friends. Children can also teach themselves card tricks and host magic shows for family and friends.

Craft Activities

There are millions of different craft activities that are a lot of fun. You might need to purchase a few supplies, but many people use household items and recycled scrap items. There are plenty of craft ideas online if you are stuck for ideas.

For Kids

Kids have a tendency to get bored easily, so having a lot of fun activities on hand can keep them from losing control and getting wild.  Fun cheap things for kids to do include sidewalk chalk, coloring, painting, sorting and cleaning toys, playing board games, and cooking with parents.

There are plenty of fun cheap things to do, but it does take a little effort to come up with ideas. If you are trying to entertain children, you might encounter a few complaints or negative attitudes, but they will eventually come around. The trick to keeping everyone happy is to have a selection of ideas of what to do when boredom begins to creep in.