Gag Gifts to Make Cheap

Gag gifts are fun for everyone. There are several websites that sell gag gifts, but there are also plenty of gag gifts to make cheap. Gag gifts are extremely fun and can be used for almost any occasion such as birthdays, holidays, bridal showers and so on.

Handmade Gag Gifts

The cheapest gag gifts are handmade. They can be made for any occasion with only a few supplies and some simple directions. At the end of it all, your handmade gag gift will bring plenty of laughs to those around you. There are several gag gifts to make cheap, including:

Dammit Doll

A Dammit doll is one of the most fun gag gifts to make cheap. The dolls can be made with homemade items, such as different pieces of clothes in varying designs and color, and stuffing which can be bought or taken an old pillow. The doll can be sewn by hand or on a machine. In the end you will have a very interesting and unique gag gift for a friend and family member.

Doggie Poop

This gag gift is made from soap or wax and looks exactly how it sounds. This is a great idea for a birthday party or pool party in which you would like to frighten some friends or young family members. During Christmas, you can also make reindeer or snowman poop from wax or soap as well.

False Teeth and Canes

These homemade gag gifts to make cheap are perfect for the older members of your family. They will chuckle and laugh as the gift is presented to them. Another option for a popular homemade gag gift is the stray hat gag. All you need is some raffia paper and a bag. Assemble the two items loosely with a tag that says “straw hat – some assembly required.” It will be an instant hit with older folks.

Redneck Switchblades

Redneck switchblades are the perfect gag gift to make for cheap for family and loved ones. All you will need is glue, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, and clothes pins. Redneck switchblades are sure to get everyone laughing.

Maxi Pad Slippers

This is a creative and fun gag gift for a man to gift a his girlfriend or wife. You might want to be discreet about this give because some people will be embarrassed if presented the gift in front of friends. All you need is two unused maxi pads. Advertise them as non-slip grip shoes that can pick up any spill within seconds, which will have everyone laughing in no time.

Bubble Bath Trick

A bubble bath is a great end-of-the-day treat for anyone and is also the perfect set up for a gag gift to make cheap. All you need is some baby food or custard, and dried beans. Wrap these together in a plastic bag and decorate it so it looks like an actual bubble bath mixture. Present it to someone and watch as they go wild once they realize it is fake.

These are just some fun gag gifts to make cheap that can be used by anyone to lighten the mood or prank a close friend.