How to Buy a Mattress

Though buying a mattress seems easy the process can actually take longer than you expect. There are a number of decisions that must be made before making your purchase, including the size and material, the price, and the quality, brand, and the durability of the mattress. Here are some tips for how to buy a mattress.

Shop with a Reputable Mattress Dealer

Buying a well-known mattress brand means you are getting a product that consumers trust. A reputable mattress store is typically a large, comfortable warehouse or furniture store, with mattresses on display for testing. The mattresses are displayed in frames and sometimes dressed with sheets, blankets, and pillows. While these mattresses tend to be more expensive, they are of excellent quality. If the customer is looking for something less expensive, used mattress dealers and domestic dealers are available, but customers should be careful when buying from these sources as the quality of the mattress is usually very low. Buying a used mattress is a very risky purchase, so when possible, shop with known retailers and look for sale prices. You can often get a high quality mattress brand new if you purchase something on sale.

Another option is to purchase a “factor seconds” or “irregular” mattress. This is a brand new mattress that has a flaw. In many cases, the flaw might be as simple as an error in stitching, a discoloration, or small tear. Irregular mattresses might be as much as 90% less than undamaged merchandise, so you can really get a great deal on a barely flawed product.

Compare Prices

Part of getting a great deal on a mattress is to compare prices. Take note of the cheapest and most expenses prices in each store. This give you an idea of the variety offered by a particular company, so you can budget accordingly. Price is an important part of how to buy a mattress because you need to stay within your budget. However, it should never be your only concern. You will be sleeping on your new mattress every night and you need to rest comfortably. Consider a new mattress a health investment instead of a just a product for your home.

Inspect It

Once you have a found a mattress you like and can afford, try it out. Spend some time laying on it at the dealer and ask if testing it at home is an option. Some of the better known companies allow you to use a mattress for a few weeks to determine if it is the right choice for you. Anything you can learn about the mattress before committing to it will eliminate frustration in the long run.

Move It

Most professional mattress dealers deliver mattresses to the customer’s house free of charge. If not, the customer will be responsible for loading the mattress into a truck or car, transporting it home, and installing it. If the mattress comes with a frame or headboard, the customer may need to rent a U-Haul truck or other delivery truck. When making your final purchase, be sure to ask about delivery and set-up.