How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Planning a wedding is an exciting and stressful time. One of the biggest stress-inducers in wedding planning is the budget. Planning a wedding on a small budget might seem impossible, but it just takes a bit of creativity. Making the right choices and keeping things in perspective is the best way to plan an affordable wedding. Though you might need to be flexible and compromise a bit, your wedding can still be a memorable occasion for you, your new spouse, and your guests. Determining how to plan a wedding on a small budget is simple, as long as you focus on your priorities.

Budget Wedding Invitations

Invitations to a wedding can be optional, but they add to the formality of the occasion. They also help the bride and groom stay organized, especially when there is a long guest list. Simple invitations are often the best option for a budget wedding. Budget invitations can be made by hand, printed on a computer printer, or chosen from a wedding supply shop. The key to buying affordable invitations from a stationary store is to choose the simplest of designs. Keep inserts to a minimum and opt for invitations that are black and white. Finally, consider using technology to send out your wedding invitations. If you are planning a casual wedding, invitations can be sent for free via Facebook and email. This gives the wedding a fun, easy-going feel many guests appreciate.

Budget Wedding Food

Following the ceremony, most couples celebrate with friends and family at a reception. This can be as elaborate as a several-course dinner in a reception hall to a casual cookout in the backyard. Food and beverages are expensive, but the reception is often the most exciting part of a wedding. Consider cutting wedding food costs by inviting fewer people, choosing casual dining options, or limiting the amount of food served. For instance, many couples trying to plan a small wedding on a budget opt for a dessert-only reception or a brunch reception. This limits the food choices and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Affordable Wedding Clothes

The wedding gown is likely the greatest clothing expense associated with the wedding, but it is not the only clothing-related cost. The groom needs attire, as do the members of the wedding party. In most cases, the wedding party and bride and groom’s families pay for their own clothing. Grooms can save on their clothing by opting to wear something already in their closets. They might also want to consider buying, instead of renting, a garment. Though the initial cost of a suit might be more than renting a tux, at least you will own the suit and can get your money’s worth over time.

Brides can save big on their wedding gowns by shopping during sales. Most salons offer deep discounts at various times during the year. It is best to know what you want and in what size ahead of time, so you can battle your competition when purchasing a discounted wedding dress. Brides might also consider buying a used dress or having a regular dress altered. Evening gowns, prom dresses, and bridesmaid dresses are all available in white and these options usually cost much less than a traditional wedding gown.

Affordable Wedding Venues

The location of a wedding can be expensive, but it often comes as a package deal. Couples can save on wedding costs by combining the venue with their food, beverage, cake, and decorating costs. You can also save by choosing a la carte options.

If traditional wedding venues are too expensive, consider budget options such as neighborhood parks, the backyards of friends and relatives, or a banquet hall at a restaurant. These locations provide a great option for planning a wedding on a small budget.