How to Save Gas

With the cost of gas constantly fluctuating you will want to save as much gas as possible. Newer vehicle are more fuel-friendly than older models, but most people are unable to purchase the newest, most economical car available every year. Luckily, there are ways to cut your fuel usage without changing your car. Learn how to save gas and you will soon find your finances are not stretched as thin by your use of your vehicle.


Sharing your commute with family members or co-workers can save you a bundle on gas. In order to reduce the amount of gas you use, find ways to drive together to and from work or school. Make arrangements to leave a few minutes early so you can drop family members at their destination or speak to people at work about arranging a car pool. Not only are you reducing the amount of gas you use each day, if you are car pooling, you can split the cost of fuel with others who are sharing your ride. In many areas, ride share programs arrange for total strangers to share a commute from one part of town to another. This is a great idea for those living in the suburbs and commuting a downtown area for work.

Public Transportation

Consumers who are serious about reducing their monthly gas bill can do so by taking advantage of alternative transportation methods. For example, most cities have a public bus system that rarely costs more than $2 per trip, regardless of the distance involved. While this can be quite expensive over the course of a month, it is much cheaper than paying $3-$5 per gallon of gas. Some companies have arrangements with public transportation authorities to provide discounts on daily rides. Speak with your employer about bus passes and if a program is not already in the works, you can contact the public transportation authorities. Remember, you are already paying for public transportation through your tax dollars, so you might as well take advantage of the fuel savings it provides.

Reward Cards

Many gas stations offer a reward or bonus card to customers. This is a loyalty card that buildings a returning customer base to the station. Gas stations love these cards because it ensures customers will fill up at their venue and consumers love the cards because they get gas at a discounted rate per gallon. Some reward cards offer discounts on other products as you earn points through gassing up.  Sometimes local businesses pair up with area gas stations and offer a joint discount. Consumers can earn points from purchasing groceries or other products, and the points can be used toward a discount on gas.

Location, Location, Location

Different gas stations offer different prices. You can fill up at one station only to find gas five or ten cents cheaper just a few blocks away. This is why it pays to do some research. There are websites that track gas prices in different areas so you know exactly where to find the cheapest price.