How To Save Money With Coupons

Coupons can be used to save large amounts of money when shopping for food, clothes, household goods, or anything else. Coupons are provided by many different sources for a wide variety of venues and goods, but consumers must often be fierce when trying to find a coupon that fits their specific needs.

Online Sources

A popular source of coupons in the digital age is the Internet. As most retail outlets now have a website of their own, consumers can often find a variety of coupons by visiting that specific website. Grocery outlets, in particular, often have a section dedicated to coupons, sales, and special offers that can be redeemed by printing out and presenting  to a cashier in the same way that regular coupons are handled.


In addition to their websites, many stores have catalogs or magazines that are full of coupons and special offers that can be cut out and presented to a cashier. Additionally, catalogs often contain information about saving money by purchasing certain items at specific times of the month or season, where that item is in surplus and its price is lower. Stores have begun creating special deals for loyal customers. They also make every effort possible to bring new customers through their doors. They might offer an early bird special, a free giveaway, or a different item for sale each day of the week. This helps generate business and increases the likelihood people will shop in their store. It also means the consumer enjoys great savings, especially when they take the time to plan their shopping excursions in advance.

Coupon Books

Like catalogs, coupon books provide consumers with quick access to a wide variety of coupons, but are not dependent on just one outlet. Coupon books can be purchased online from several sources year-round and may also be purchased from JROTC cadets, boy scouts, cheerleaders, and other students who are in extracurricular activities, usually within the first few months of the school year.

In-store Coupons

In addition to all other sources, consumers can find in-store coupons year-round in most retail outlets. In-store coupons are coupons that are provided by a specific store and can be found within the store itself in racks, coupon dispensers, and other containers. In-store coupons may also be provided by the cashier at check-out.

Careful Couponing

People choosing to use coupons for savings will want to carefully review receipts after making a purchase. If you are making several purchases, it might be tough to spot a discount error while items on being rung up. Before leaving the store, in the parking lot, or once you are home, review your receipt carefully for errors. Some stores even offer additional savings if an error is made.

Also remember to redeem any rebates or vouchers for discounts. Some manufacturers offer mail-in savings. You simply need to make the correct purchase (often more than one item is necessary to gain the savings), fill out the rebate form, and mail it in. Some rebate forms can even be filled out online.