Order Cheap Bouquets

There are plenty of ways to find and order cheap bouquets. It may be much cheaper to visit multiple sites and look for discounts, special promotions, and sales on bouquets rather than make your purchase at a local florist.

Order on Weekdays

Weekdays are perfect for ordering cheap bouquets. Most orders and purchases are done on Saturday, so try to avoid ordering a bouquet over the weekend. Flower shops charge more on weekends for delivery because they have so many orders to handle. Ordering your bouquet Tuesday through Saturday saves you the most money.

Order Online

Online is the best place for ordering cheap bouquets. This has become a practical way to purchase flowers and bouquets. Floral websites receive their flowers directly from growers, eliminating the middle man. As a result, bouquets are cheaper for the consumer.

The other benefit of receiving the bouquets directly from the grower is you can be sure that the bouquet you receive has been freshly cut. Ordering from a website gives a higher chance flowers will last longer and will not wither before or soon after they are delivered.

Shopping online also saves you time. Shopping for just the right bouquet in person might require several trips to different florists. There is less hassle involved in online shopping. Most online floral websites have a wide range of flowers. In addition, many online florists offer frequent discounts and sales several times a year.

The most beneficial thing about shopping for bouquets online is having access to online reviews and feedback. Most floral websites have an area dedicated to customer feedback. It is easy to visit a site and read what previous customers has to say about their flowers and service. It is also possible to read feedback left on third-party websites. Chances are if other customers are happy with a florist, you will be, too.

There are many floral websites on the Internet today, but not all of them are trustworthy. Take time to research each website before making your purchase. If possible, speak with a customer service representative or call their headquarters for reassurance.

Seasonal Bouquets and Booking

Buying plants is a great way to order cheap bouquets. It is often cheaper than traditional bouquets and the gift lasts a lot longer. Plants are very affordable and make a great gift for any occasion.

Seasonal flowers are often very expensive, so order in advance. Book your order ahead of time when purchasing bouquets for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other similar times of year. It is always important to beat the holiday rush. This ensures you are purchasing bouquets before their prices are increased during a special season.


Buying in bulk is also a great way to order cheap bouquets. Buying in bulk is also a great idea when you need several gifts. If you are purchasing gifts for several people, contact the florist and ask if discounts are offered for multiple or bulk purchases. You might have a minimum amount, but you can finish your shopping for a special occasion with just one order.