Really Cheap Auto Insurance

There are several ways a person can find really cheap auto insurance. There are many local and national insurance agencies from which to choose, but finding a cheap rate might take time. Low cost car insurance is available mostly for people who are older and who are considered low risk. There are also several other factors affecting insurance rates.

Really Cheap Auto Insurance Based on Credit Score

Many insurance companies use a person’s credit rating to determine their insurance cost. Bad credit is considered a high risk to insurance agents and they charge customers more to cover that risk. Insurance companies view those with  good credit scores as trustworthy and responsible, so they are willing to offer lower rates.

Anti-Theft Devices Lower Insurance Rates

Installing several anti-theft and energy saving items on a vehicle can help you get really cheap auto insurance. Car alarms, gas cut-offs and window etches are often awarded with discounts and really cheap auto insurance rates. These anti-theft devices reduce the risk of having your car stolen.

Insurer Recognized Driving Classes

There are driving and road safety classes that drivers can take to have their driving skills evaluated. Insurance companies sometimes offer discounts after a driver has taken one of these courses. Speak with your insurance provider to find out if a driver safety course can help you get really cheap auto insurance.

Make No Claims

Over the course of four years, if no claims are made, many auto insurers award discounts to their customers. When a minor incident occurs it is sometimes better to handle the costs yourself. It will eventually pay off when the insurance company offers a large discount at the end of four claim-free years.

Avoid Policy Lapses

In rare cases, insurance policies lapse. This sometimes happens when people switch from one insurer to the other. It is safer to wait until a new policy is in effect before cancelling the old policy. This avoids a lapse and keeps your insurance rates low.

Upgrades vs. Maintenance

It is important to take care of your car and keep it in good working order, but avoid turning your car into a showpiece if you want really cheap auto insurance. Some people use their cars as status symbols. If this is your priority, expect to pay a lot more for auto insurance.

Forget Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

You do not need collision and comprehensive coverage on an older car. Most drivers add these options to their insurance policy without realizing they do not pay out. If a claim is made the car goes through a Kelley Blue Book evaluation. It is used to determine the amount of money the insurer has to pay out on damages. It is highly unlikely that an old model car will be worth anything according to the Blue Book value, so there is no sense paying for this coverage on an older car.

Shopping Online for Really Cheap Auto Insurance

The best way to find really cheap auto insurance rates is to do a comparison search online. There are hundreds  of car insurance companies online. Using comparison websites narrows down the list of really cheap auto insurance available in your area. Consider websites such as,,,, and

More Tips on Finding Cheap Car Insurance