Really Cheap College Textbooks

Higher education is very important, but it can also be very expensive. Each year tuition rises so much, that sending young adults to school may seem nearly impossible. The ever-growing textbook list can be daunting as well, but there are several ways to save money on college textbooks without having to break the bank.

Even those who can afford college should know that beside tuition, there are additional costs like accommodation,  food, clothing, parking permits, rentals, lab fees and textbooks. Therefore, it is important to find ways to save money.

Cheap college textbooks are available from various websites and other resources. Finding your texts  should be easy if you know what you are looking for and where to look for it. Before going out and buying expensive, brand-new college textbooks at the college book store, consider these tips for finding cheap textbooks.

Best Sites for Cheap Textbooks for College

Buying textbooks online can be tricky. You need to know if there are pages missing, if the edition is correct, and if the textbook has excessive notes and highlighting. Start your shopping process with a little research. Find out about the store by using sites that offer ratings from previous customers. High ratings mean the books are in good condition and the deal may just be as good as it sounds. Always write down the ISBN number you can find on the back of the book. If the ISBN number is correct, the book you receive will be exactly what you need.

Some of the sites to start with are, and not only buys and sell cheap books, but  also allows the buyer to compare on the spot to find the best deal. They present the cost of the book, the cost of shipping, if any, and the condition of the book whether it is new or used. is similar to in terms of comparison-shopping. What makes this site standout is they show the lowest price even if it is in favor of their competitors.

Other websites to check out include, and Bookbyte .

College Textbooks from has the Internet’s largest selection of books and media for sale, including really cheap college textbooks. It is one of the most trusted websites for finding and purchasing items. An account is free to set up and payments can be made using various credit and debit cards, or a PayPal account. Amazon sells both new and previously owned textbooks. The previously owned selection of texts is in fairly good condition because students sell them back to Amazon after just a few months of use. College students can save a great deal by purchasing used textbooks.

Cheap Textbooks from is an auction website that allows users to bid on and purchase items from around the world.  Most buyers use PayPal to pay for their items and it is the preferred payment service for most sellers. Searching for cheap college textbooks can be done by typing the book information into the search bar on the site. Ebay then lists the items in various orders, so shoppers can browse by price, condition, or location. There is also a ‘Buy It Now’ option, allowing users to purchase an item at its listed price and have it shipped immediately without waiting for auction results. For more eBay tips, visit Buying and Selling on eBay.

Finding Textbooks on is a user populated site that is similar to an online flea market. It is a good idea to check Craigslist for textbooks, but finding what you need can be time consuming. There is no way to search on the actual site, so you will need to check each page in each location for what you need. You can search directly from a search engine such as Google or Bing by typing the name of the text, following by “Craigslist,” or “for sale.” If you find what you need and you decide to meet someone in person to make your purchase, make sure you take someone with you and meet the seller in a public location.

College textbooks are very expensive, but their cost should not be the determining factor in whether or not you will go to college. Buying used books is a great way to save money. Keep them in good condition and once you complete a class you can resell the book and recoup some of your cost.

Tips on Finding Cheap Textbooks for College

  • Make sure the relevant facts about the book have been noted. Check the ISBN (10-13 digit numbers on the back of the book), the author’s name, and the publisher.
  • Shop early and compare. Books bought in May are marginally cheaper than those bought in September.
  • Try renting as an eco- and budget-friendly option.