Very Cheap Complete Skateboards

There are plenty of online stores and local shops that sell very cheap complete skateboards. If you shop around it is possible to find a quality skateboard for less than $50. However, not all cheap boards are safe, so you need to be a careful shopper.

A complete skateboard is one that comes with all the parts necessary to ride, including a deck, axle, and wheels. Many manufacturers the deck and then each of the pieces individually. This allows for customization, which many skaters prefer. When purchasing very cheap complete skateboards novice riders need to ensure that they are getting more than just the deck. In some cases buying an assembled skateboard is cheaper than buying its pieces individually.


Part of finding very cheap complete skateboards includes researching the quality of boards. A skateboard that breaks during a trick can cause injury to the skater and damage to the board. Buying from a reputable seller ensures you are getting a safe board.


One of the most important decisions you will make when shopping for very cheap complete skateboards is the type of deck you need. One of the best types of woods for skateboard decks is Canadian maple. Choosing a blank deck allows you to save money, too. A blank deck made of Canadian maple is much cheaper than a designed one.

You can also get a board made of  Chinese maple, which is cheaper than Canadian maple. The quality of Chinese maple might not be as good as that of Canadian maple, so choose carefully. The price will be lower, but if your board is destroyed in a short period of time it is not worth the savings.

Cheaper Skateboards

There are a few tricks to finding cheap boards that are still high quality. Consider the following:

    • Wheels The wheels on a skateboard should not be plastic. This is a dead giveaway for a cheap build.
    • Bearings The bearings should spin the wheels freely around them. Any hitches or grinding is bad and should be replaced ASAP.
    • Axles The axles or ‘trucks’ of a skateboard should be sturdy and made of metal. Otherwise, replace them.
    • Deck The deck should be inspected for a good build. No cracks, waves, or dents within the make of the wood is a good sign.

When making a purchase such as very cheap complete skateboards, you need to balance cost with quality. Though there are some things you can get away with purchasing cheap, you should never sacrifice your safety. You will be putting your body in peril when riding a skateboard, so at the very least the board needs to be safe. This is true, too, if you are buying a board for a child. Take time to read the reviews of other skaters who have used different types of boards. There is enough variety in the market that you should be able to find a cheap board without putting your safety at risk.