Very Cheap Jordans

Everyone wants to own a pair of Jordan sneakers. These sneakers may be expensive but there is a way to get very cheap Jordans for possibly half the price of a retail pair. Some people look for very cheap Jordans to sell in online shops, while others enjoy wearing the shoes for basketball games.  Anybody who spends their time on the court will tell you their sneakers are an important part of the experience. Not only do they need to look good, they need to be comfortable and improve performance. Finding a quality pair of shoes, especially very cheap Jordans can be a challenge, but there are a few places where you are sure to get a great deal.

Discount Sales, Promotions, and Specials

Many shoe stores  have frequent discount sales, promotions, and specials throughout the year. Check the websites frequently or subscribe to their mailing list so you will know when these sales occur.

Searching the Internet for Very Cheap Jordans

The Internet is a great place to find very cheap Jordans. Websites such as Ebay allow you to bid on new or previously owned items such as clothing and sneakers. The great thing about gently used items is that you can get a very cheap pair of sneakers that are like new.  Auction sites might advertise previously worn Jordans, but beware of imitations, frauds and scams. Unfortunately, not all sellers are trustworthy, so if a deal on new Jordans seems too good to be true, it probably is. Only purchase items from trusted and noted sellers with great reviews.

Check the Ads for Very Cheap Jordans

The weekly ads in your newspaper might offer information about sales for cheap Jordans. In addition to the retail ads, you might also find private sellers searching for shoe buyers. There are still plenty of people who use the newspaper’s classified section, so pick up a copy of your local paper or scan the classified section online. Craigslist is similar to the newspaper classifieds, but it is free to place an ad on the site. If you are looking to buy very cheap Jordans from a private seller and not a traditional store, the site is a great resource.

Buying Very Cheap Jordans in Bulk

Buying Jordans in bulk is a very affordable way to build a collection of very cheap Jordans. Buying in bulk can save you $10-20 per pair of shoes.  Websites such as, and offer deep discounts on Jordans when bought in bulk. Many of the sites even offer free shipping, so you are saving even more.

Set Your Budget

Before going out and buying a pair of very cheap Jordans, establish a price range. Try to find a pair that does not cost more than your pre-determined price. Budgets are great financial tools because they eliminate the risk of overspending and regretting your purchase.


A final option for shoppers is to join online forums dedicated to athletic shoes and Jordans. This is a great way to stay educated about the best deals in athletic footwear. People on the forums are experienced shoppers and can offer tips for finding very cheap Jordans based on your style, location, and price range.