Where Can I Find Dirt Cheap Wreaths?

A wreath is a decorative covered with various items such as flowers, berries, twigs, lights, leaves, or an assortment of other items. Wreaths are most commonly used at Christmas, but can be a part of home decor year-round. Wreaths might also be part of a ceremony or used to decorate grave sites of loved ones. Wreaths are available in a wide range of price, mostly depending on their size, the materials used, and the quality of the greens and the materials. Here are a few tips to help you find dirt cheap but elegant wreaths.

Buy Before or After the Holiday Season

Wreaths are most expensive when their demand is highest. If you want until the holiday season to purchase you wreath you will pay more. Buying earlier (mid-November or earlier) or waiting until after Christmas can save you a great deal of money. Keep in mind if you are buying a wreath with lives greens it will have a limited lifespan. Most wreaths could last through the holiday season when purchased early, but you will want to mist it with water every few days. You can also save a bundle buying a live wreath in the days following Christmas. Though this is impractical for those decorating for December 25th, it is a great idea for those hosting a late holiday gathering.

Buy Secondhand

If you are purchasing a “fake” or plastic wreath, you have a number of choices. Purchasing a wreath from a second-hand store such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army can save you a great deal of money. Often these stores sell wreaths that have only been lightly used and are still in fairly good condition for much less than it would cost to buy them new.

Buy Dirt Cheap Wreaths Online

Buying a wreath brand new rather than second hand costs more, but you can find great bargains online. Online stores such as Amazon typically sell wreaths for less than it would cost to buy the same wreath in a traditional store. Auction sites such as Ebay are another great option for finding dirt cheap wreaths. Buying out of season from these sites can save you even more.

Craft Your Own Wreath

Creative folks who want to save on wreaths can make their own. Making a wreath yourself ensures your wreath is the size you want, uses the materials you want, and is exactly what you expect it to be. If you are not sure how to make your own wreath you can search for tutorials online that will help you get started. Making your own wreath definitely costs less than buying  one since you control the cost of the materials and handle the craftsmanship yourself.

Whether you decide to buy a wreath second-hand or brand new online, or you decide to make your own from scratch, try to make your purchases between January and October. You might have to look a little harder to find pre-made wreaths and craft materials, but you will save a great deal if you shop outside of the holiday season.